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Medicinal Plants & Foods and Their Healing powers

“I have found that if you have a medical condition you can choose those foods that will give you the nutritional support for the condition, and avoid foods that may exacerbate the problem.

These books are a great in making sure your diet is nutritionally balanced. As a vegetarian, I find them helpful to ensure my intake of various nutrients is sufficient.

My son Jack needs to have a gluten free diet, so these books have been really helpful.

I highly recommend these books to anyone who cares about what they eat. After all you are what you eat.”
Kate Suchanek, Pharmacist
“I have had asthma virtually all of my life. For decades now, from six months of age, I’ve suffered severe attacks. I was even pronounced dead twice! From the age of approximately 13 until 30, I was taking up to 30 tablets a day. When I had an attack, Mum would take me to the doctors and while there, I used to get so frustrated that they couldn’t tell me how to stop it from happening in the first place.

I used the “puffers” for so long, but I believe they just harden the bronchial tubes and can cause an enlarged heart in some people. I kept praying for a natural way to get over this debilitating ailment, and I believe God has a natural solution for every ailment.

With the arrival of the beautiful, informative two-volume ‘Medicinal Plants Encyclopedia’ and ‘Foods and Their Healing Power’ put out by Home Health Education Service, I found some answers.

I started learning about good health and I now leave out dairy and all processed foods. I often eat foods that are raw like salads, and foods in their natural state. When an attack comes now, I slice an onion and breathe the fumes. This really helps me to breathe and I relax and pray. Also, I put a slice of onion on my pillow at night, and that really helps me to breathe normally and easily all night long.

I haven’t had to take any anti-biotics for 18 months now and I feel so much more healthy and energetic than before. My mother is surprised at how much I accomplish each day. I used to take a week off each month with asthma but that is no longer necessary.

I believe in prayer and God’s guidance, and at last I have finally found the answer to managing my asthma naturally – thanks to these very valuable volumes. It’s great feeling well, and I thank God every day for these books.”
Mrs Sue Johnson
Medicinal Plants & Foods and Their Healing powers