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Family Medical Care

“As a registered nurse, I must say how impressed I am with the Family Medical Care by Dr James Wright.

I find that even though it contains technical information it is written in easy to understand language that all the family can understand.

All the diagrams are in colour and are a help in school projects, for the family at home in understanding how the body works.

I can highly recommend the Family Medical Care to every family, not to replace the family doctor, but to give additional practical information so needed in the home.”
N Savuro, Nursing Sister, Children’s Ward, Mt Isa Hospital, Queensland
"I recently purchased a set of Family Medical Care on behalf of the Whangarei Training department of the order of St John. Despite having access to many reference books, I chose this set for a number of reasons including:

These books are written in clear, down to earth language without being either simplistic or overly sensational.

They contain a large number of excellent graphics.

Anatomy and physiology are covered in depth, but stops short of the level that only university graduates can understand.

Dr Wright offers a holistic approach to sickness and disease, which is proving to be increasingly important.

The order of St John offers a number of health-care courses, and it is as additional reading for instructors that I purchased these books. I have no hesitation in recommending the Family Medical Care set to any person wanting a comprehensive medical reference library for their home.”
P. McRae, Training Manager, The order of St John- Whangarei
“These five volumes are remarkable, in that they have collated in understandable terms the essentials of medical science for most health- conscious people. Used widely, they should help us live longer and healthier lives”
Dr S.M. Mulvany, General Practitioner, Invercargill
“As a registered Nurse and midwife, I would like to say how impressed I am by the total coverage of these volumes.

Despite the fact that I have many nursing textbooks, I find Family Medical Care a tremendous help in the home, because of its simple language and easy to find sections.

I like the way the ‘emergency’ section in Volume 3 is set out — this is essential for every home. Even as a trained nursing sister I would benefit greatly from this.”
Robyn Nilson, RNDC
Family Medical Care