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Great Stories for Kids

“I have read “The Great Stories for Kids” with my grandchildren. I have been most impressed, as they appear to cover most areas of concern that growing children have, in an easy to understand way.

Children could easily read the stories themselves, or read with a parent.

Children need to have values, and to learn about respect for others, differences, sexual abuse, bullying, lying etc.

These and many more issues are dealt with in a caring, mature way that is easily understood, as well as being enjoyable.

I would recommend these books to any parents who want the best for their children.
Investing in children early helps to eliminate undesirable behavior later.”
Mrs Leslie Exeter
Leslie is a mother of five, grandmother of eleven; JP and QSM. She received the Queen’s medal for having introduced Tough Love into New Zealand, and for her work in that field. She has been a primary school teacher for over 40 years
“After browsing through the first volume of the five–volume set of Great Stories for Kids, my first thought was ‘what a breath of fresh air!’ In fact after looking through all five volumes, I was most impressed with the content and layout of these books.

The five-volume set looks great. Books must be visually appealing if children are going to pick them up and start reading. These volumes have bold wording and illustrations on the front covers, which immediately makes the books inviting. Once inside, the reader is not disappointed. The illustrations and layout throughout the books are modern, bright and relevant to the stories.”
J. Lister, Teacher-librarian, Avondale Primary School, NSW
“I had heard that these stories were good! But I never knew how good! Each morning I would read just one story to the class of 32 and then discuss it with them. I never allowed them to read any of the stories- I feared that they would not want me to read them to them afterwards. How wrong I was. These stories are just great. The children are now allowed to read the stories at leisure – and they do. They still ask for them to be read aloud, even though they have read and reread them over and over again...

These have been the best books I have purchased for the school in terms of popularity, content, interest and enjoyment. I can’t wait for the next five volumes!

Every school and family should have a set of these books”
K. Weslake, Headmaster, Palmerston, NZ
Great Stories for Kids